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Chef Rob has created some hearty and warm dishes for this autumn, as well as some lighter fare items. Home made breads and local items (as possible) with attention to detail provide....

Last Updated On: 04/06/2021

What our customers are saying

, 02/17/21

This was, overall, the most satisfying dining experience I have had since I moved to New England (Rhode Island) in 2013. The building, atmosphere, cleanliness, friendliness/welcome from the staff, effectiveness of the service, timeliness of service, menu offerings, taste of the food (served piping hot), and price--all left nothing to be desired. All the pieces worked together beautifully to create a completely pleasurable dinner. My partner and I ate at the bar upstairs, where we received fabulous service. I order vegan/vegetarian, and there was plenty on the menu for me to have. My partner, who has a large appetite, loves high-quality, well-prepared meat. Both of us were beyond happy with our food, and we noted that the dishes were created and prepared in a way that we would not have done ourselves. (It is so frustrating to dine out, and know that you could have done a better job cooking at home.) You owe it to yourself to try this restaurant. We're so glad we did.